Horoscope ngayon Tagalog Horoscope for today Gabay Kapalaran Ngayon Lucky Number Astrology

Horoscope ngayon Tagalog Horoscope for today Gabay Kapalaran Ngayon Lucky Number Astrology

1:21 aries
2:08 taurus
2:55 gemini
3:43 cancer
4:30 leo
5:18 virgo
6:18 libra
6:53 scorpio
7:44 sagittarius
8:36 capricorn
9:21 aquarius
10:21 pisces

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In The Akashics: Maximizing The Energies of the Full Blood Moon in Aries

We have a powerful full blood moon in Aries coming close to on October 7th and 8th. Join us as we look into the Akashic Records world to discover methods to finest utilize this energy and learn more about the themes surrounding this amazing astrological event.

Vedic Astrology and Diamond – Gemstone of Venus

Next we are mosting likely to discuss possibly one of the most priceless gemstone – ruby. Diamond is most demanded gemstone in business globe. You have to have viewed the Hollywood motion picture “Blood Diamond” (otherwise, please do), it depicts the real hardship and also organization national politics include in procuring these rocks; as well as why we call it diamond!

A Little Window to Significant Gemstone Remedies for Weak Planets

A weak, afflicted or fatal earths in one’s horoscope chart can bring umpteen wellness related as well as various other problems. Nonetheless, certain priceless gems can help curb the negative effects of weak, affected or fatal worlds. Keep reading to find out about some valuable gems and their relevance in Vedic astrology.

Embodying Our Peace and Love, The Month of Libra 2014

ALIGNING IN AUTUMN’S LIGHT! When our Sunlight goes into a Cardinal Leadership indicator, a new period currently starts. Libra starts Fall upon the Equinox, as Nature goes out her paint brush and completely boosts the natural appeal of this time of the year. Being led by Scales, our time in Libra brings ahead understanding, concentrate upon connections, concern, and also considering the benefits and drawbacks of our lives accordingly. Want to your Libra piece of the Zodiac Pie to equally discover where a network of harmony and also instinct can be received, straightening comfort for this zodiac month in advance.

Open Letter to James Randi

Beloved Mr. Randi: You’ve made a name on your own by teaching that telepathy, astrology, and also mainstream religious beliefs, are for kooks and also boneheads. By this meaning, the mass of humanity are kooks as well as boneheads, since many people have one or another sort of spiritual beliefs.

What Is Chinese Zi Wei Dou Shu?

Zi Wei Dou Shu is an old and well-respected Chinese system of astrology based upon estimations of the North celebrity and also different other mathematic points revealing one’s personal fate. Zi Wei indicates purple or “emperor” celebrity. It is an extremely precise technique and also frequently utilized together with Feng Shui method. It is an one-of-a-kind astrology because it not just works on an individual level for better self-awareness, yet can also be utilized to harmonize the external environment for higher prosperity.

Vedic Astrology and Blue Sapphire – Gemstone of Saturn

In this collection of gems, blue sapphire is the next one. This is one of the most powerful gemstone of all and also offers extremely quick effect gave it fits you. Find out more below.

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